Calling all Landlords – Help with your lettings when you need it most

Are your tenants not paying rent?
Are your tenants claiming Housing Benefit but you are not getting the full amount?
Do you just want your property back from a bad tenant?
Don’t want to pump money into a ‘black hole’ called solicitors fees?

We at Pure Estates know that things do not always run smoothly. We will always offer you the best advice possible. Our highly qualified member of staff, backed by a team of solicitors, is dedicated to giving you the advice and action you need, when you need it. Just contact with your concerns and she will get back to you with the best possible solution. Her advice is FREE and all of the services you may need are all at very competitive prices.

Why Have We done This?

The reason is simple, we have helping our landlords to gain possession of their properties from bad tenants for years.

During this time we have used solicitors, bailiffs, specialist companies and they all have the same outcome… a long drawn out process that costs much more that it should.

This is why we have set up a format that allows you to be in control while we do the work. Our 3 step system offers you what other agents simply cannot. In fact, agents have been coming to us to help them evict their bad tenants.

See our simple and effective 3 step process below

Stage 1

Within 48 hours of you contacting us we arrange for the relevant Notices to be served on your tenant(s). This is when most tenants realise how serious you are, and in most cases it’s the only jolt they need.

The tenant has between fourteen days & 2 months depending on the notice type to act on Step  1. If they pay or leave we don’t need to take any more action, if they don’t, we immediately go to Step 2.

Stage 2

We arrange for solicitors to issue proceedings. A court hearing date is set (if necessary) and a Barrister is instructed. He appears before a judge to obtain the possession order.

Then, if the tenant doesn’t act on the court’s order, we go to Step 3.

Stage 3

It’s an obstinate tenant who doesn’t leave by a date set by a court. We arrange for the court bailiffs to remove your tenant, and you get your property back.

Our in house expert Saadia will know what action you need to take and our team will ensure that you are able to resolve your problem as soon as possible with the best outcome for you.