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Boost the value of your home with these handy garden tips

Boost the value of your home with these handy garden tips

As the weather finally starts to improve, we present property sellers with five maintenance and upkeep tips for their garden.

Now that the weather is on the up and summer is on the horizon, people will begin to dust off their barbeque grills and spend more time in the great outdoors.

If you’ve left your garden to its own devices for a while during the winter months, giving it a makeover may feel like it’s going to be a huge job. It’s worth it, however, if you’re looking to sell your home over the next few months.

Like the kitchen and bathroom, a well-maintained garden adds value to your home. With that said, here are five ways you can improve your garden and, in turn, improve your chances of attracting more prospective buyers.

Basic maintenance

Before making any big changes, you will want to ensure that what you already have is in good condition. This includes removing any clutter, pruning overgrown trees or shrubs, removing any weeds and getting rid of any plants that are particularly worse for wear. Taking a rake to collect any loose leaves and debris will also help to give you a clean slate to work with.



Add personality with flowers

Flowers work well to bring vibrancy and personality to any garden. You can dot flowers around your outdoor space in pots or create flowerbeds to plant them in, playing with colour and heights to brighten the garden.

It’s important to keep in mind that the appearance of the garden takes on increased importance at this time of year and so it’s vital that you stay on top of maintaining it during the property sales process.

Attention to detail

Prospective property buyers typically have a keen eye for detail, so as a seller you should leave no stone unturned when renovating your garden. Keep an eye out for fences that could do with a lick of paint and paving stones that would benefit from a good clean.

Any garden ornaments that look particularly weathered should also be tended to. By updating all of these little elements – or removing them – you’ll be able to improve the appearance of your garden significantly.

Treat your lawn

You’ll want to ensure your lawn is well-manicured. There’s no specific way of knowing how often the grass should be cut – this can vary depending on the location and current season.

It’s best to keep an eye on your garden and giving it a once-over with your lawn mower whenever it starts to look unruly. Cutting into the edges of your lawn will make them an attractive shape and will give your lawn a crisp edge.

Create space

Lastly, if your home has a spacious garden, it will be far more likely to impress potential buyers. While you can’t increase the size of your garden – without planning permission, anyway – there are things you can do to make it feel larger. Using tall, thin plants will allow more light to reach your garden and climbing plants will soften boundaries. Removing or storing any large items, such as lawn mowers and barbecues, will also free up space.

At this time of year, the garden takes on an even more important role when selling a home. By taking these steps on board, you can give your garden a new lease of life and impress more prospective buyers when they come to view your property.

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