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The average homeowner moves every 21 years

The average homeowner moves every 21 years

New research released from Zoopla, shows average British homeowner will stay in a property for approximately 20.8 years.

The average British homeowner stays in their property for 20.8 years, according to new research by Zoopla.

The property portal analysed the average turnover of local properties at local authority level across the UK to find out the typical number of years a homeowner occupies a property before moving.

The least frequent movers are those residing in Kensington and Chelsea – one of the most expensive areas in the country – who typically up sticks once every 35.5 years.
Other long-term occupants include those in Brent (35.4 years), Enfield (34.9), Ealing (32.3) and Redbridge (32.2).

The majority of districts where homeowners move least frequently are situated in London, with Oxford (31.2 years) being the only location outside the capital in the top ten.

However, the top ten districts of households moving the most frequently is more varied geographically. In joint top spot comes Dartford in the South East and South Derbyshire in the East Midlands, where the typical homeowner moves every 15 years on average.

Top 10 least frequent movers

District Region Turnover in years between moves
1 Kensington and Chelsea London 35.5
2 Brent London 35.4
3 Enfield London 34.9
4 Ealing London 32.3
5 Redbridge London 32.2
6 Haringey London 31.5
7 Oxford South East 31.2
8 Harrow London 30.9
9 Westminster London 30.6
10 Camden London 29.3

Top 10 most frequent movers

District Region Turnover in years between moves
1 Dartford South East 15.0
1 South Derbyshire East Midlands 15.0
2 Salford North West 15.2
3 East Lothian Scotland 15.6
4 Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole South West 15.7
4 North West Leicestershire East Midlands 15.7
5 Daventry East Midlands 16.0
5 Tewkesbury South West 16.0
6 Midlothian Scotland 16.3
7 Renfrewshire Scotland 16.6

Regional frequency of moves

Region Turnover in years between moves
1 East Midlands 17.9
2 Scotland 18.7
3 South West 19.5
4 West Midlands 20.5
5 Yorkshire and the Humber 20.6
6 North West 20.6
7 East of England 21.0
8 North East 21.0
9 Wales 22.2
10 South East 25.4
11 London 26.2

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